Goepel Opticon X-Line 3D

a8cb87a514X-Line 3D

3D in-line X-ray inspection system for maximum fault coverage using digital tomosynthesis with outstanding inspection speed.

Benefits of the 3D X-Ray Inspection:

  • Safe inspection of double-sided assembled PCBs
  • Reconstruction of any layers
  • Spatial allocation of deteted faults
  • Fast and user friendly test programm generation
  • by using a single unified library



bildaufnahmekonzept_08Image Capture

  • Complete 3D capturing can achieve test speeds of up to 40cm²/s by revolutionary GigaPixel™ technology
  • Reconstruction processes possible due to tomosynthesis
  • Simultaneous 3D x-ray inspection of top and bottom side of a double sided PCB
  • Optimal adaptation to future components and manufacturing requirements via Software XI-PILOT
  • Algorithm library suitable for all common components
  • Minimal times for test program generation



reparaturplatz_08Process integration

The offline programming software allows following a one-time endurance run of a PCB in the test system a complete test program generation and library adjustment at a separate PC.

  • Repair station software enables a visualisation of detected faults in various forms of presentation
  • Powerful analysis software allows for the inspection of single layers
  • Objective rating of production quality and throughput with the help of comprehensive statistical evaluation package with numerous filter settings
  • Warning and action limits as well as trend analyses are definable in the SPC Module





  • Layered reconstruction of components and solder joints
  • Test program generation and actual inspection process are executed with geometrically calibrated, distortion free imaging of the real test objects
  • Fast test program generation based on CAD data using a component library
  • Predefined test algorithms and classifiers




rekunstruktion_08Fault Detection

  • Full-sized 3D x-ray inspection (AXI) allows layered analysis of all solder joints of a PCB within the production process
  • Safe detection of critical faults and spatial allocation of the detected defects




3Dvisualisierung_08Fault Analysis

  • Powerful analysis software provides the safe evaluation of detected faults
  • Detailed examination of the inspection results in various Z-levels
  • Clear representation of soldered joints and components via visualisation of selected areas



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