_TIDAS E MSP-BrochureAn Easy way to microscope spectroscopy

J&M Analytik AG has very long experience in microscope spectroscopy (UV-VIS, NIR, Raman) and many installations worldwide in various applications (forensics, material sci-ences, semiconductor, quality control, geology and much more). Now we introduce a new instrument, the TIDAS E MSP.



  • Easy to use at a very affordable price
  • Fits to any microscope with a c-mount adaptor, easy to connect
  • Complete Software package for instrument control, data storage and evaluation (e.g. color analysis, film thickness and much more)
  • Broad wavelength range: 300 – 1100nm
  • Certificate (wavelength and photometric accuracy, VDE Test, e.g.)
  • Integrated cuvette holder for normal spectroscopy applications, of-fering highest flexibility
  • Ideal for teaching and educational purposes


_TIDAS E MSP-2Applications:

  • Analysis of fibres in transmission or fluorescence
  • Color analysis of paint or glass in reflection or transmission
  • Determination of printing inks
  • Analysis of documents or money
  • Historic samples like paintings or furniture


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