KSI VISION™ Software

_KSI-SOFT_01 (2)KSI VISION™ is an innovative and userfriendly software for all SAM of the KSI v-series. The software was developed for the needs of our customers in research, development and production control.


Key featuresKSI-SOFT_03

  • A, B, C, D, G, 3D, P, S, X, Z, Auto, Sequence, HQ and Tray-scan (free selectable x-y matrix scan)
  • Fast fourier transformation (FFT)
  • Digital waveform overlay
  • Free selectable B,P and D-scan
  • B-scan with quantitative measurement
  • A-scan real time display with time of flight function
  • HQ-scan, pre-scan and fast pre-scan mode
  • Control and automatic storage of all instrument settings including A-scan histogram
  • Power, rf and video gain (total 80dB) gate delay, gate width (resolution 2ns)KSI-SOFT_04
  • Variable gain, gate width and gate delay setting during scanning
  • Threshold, positive-negative peak phase detection: amplitude, mean, bipolar
  • Phase measurement with automatic delamination detection (selectable)
  • Picture reset function for easy reconstruction of KSI-SAM images
  • Image resolution up to 32.000 x 32.000 pixel
  • Impedance measurement with histogram and calibration curveKSI-SOFT_05
  • User friendly multi language graphical interface
  • Signalprocessing degital : FFT bandpass, Chebyshev, Moving average, Rectifier and Calculus
  • File format : bmp, jpeg, sam, saz, ASCII
  • On screen measurement tools
  • Thickness and distance measurement




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