Procon-compact1The compact desktop system for sophisticated requirements. The CT-COMPACT Computed Tomography system from ProCon X-Ray GmbH inspects besides plastics and ceramics even stronger absorbing materials like metals and larger specimens with best quality of visualization.

The space-saving CT-COMPACT can be equipped with micro-focus X-ray tubes capable of operation up to 160 kV, depending on specific customer requirements. The focus-detector distance can be adjusted to optimize the contrast.

A range of flat panel detectors is available, enabling the highest magnification. Due to the horizontally oriented X-ray beam, the CT scan remains uninfluenced by gravity.

The CT-COMPACT system is ideal for non-destructive testing, materials investigations and, in particular, dimensional measurements of internal structures, undercuts and free form surfaces.


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• Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)
• 3D volume CT
• Non-destructive testing (NDT) – 2D and 3D
• Quality control independent of material
• Defect recognition (voids, cracks, …)
• Contactless metrology
• CT reconstruction in real-time
• Ring artefact suppression
• Easy operation
• Radiation safety better than 1 μSv/h
• Desktop system


  Standard Advanced Metrology
X-ray voltage 130 kV 150 kV 160 kV
Detector 50 μm, 1 K² 50 μm, 4 K² 200 μm, 1 K²
Specimen 70 mm, 5 kg 70 mm, 20 kg 150 mm, 30 kg
Axes 3 3 4
Reconstruction 1 K³, real-time 1 K³, real-time; 8 K³, off-line 1 K³, real-time
Smallest 3D detail (voxel) 5 μm 2.5 μm 5 μm
System weight 500 kg 600 kg 750 kg




Procon X-ray CT

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