A portable, easy-to-handle CT system

Recently the computed tomography (CT) became more and more important as a non-destructive inspection method for the industry. CT provides a fast visualization of a threedimensional volume model of the outer and inner structure of an object that can be interpreted even by laymen. However, up to now the acquisition costs and the relatively complicated operation often prevented a widespread adoption of computed tomography systems.

In order to approach these problems the Fraunhofer Development Center X-Ray Technology EZRT developed CTportable, a mobile, compact tabletop system for the inspection of small objects made of plastics, textiles, ceramics, light metal, biological materials and the like.



The smallest mobile CT system worldwide

With its dimensions of approx. 350 x 300 x 230 mm (l x w x h) the space requirement of the CT system is minimal, moreover the low weight of approx. 20 kg ensures maximum mobility. Thus  he CTportable is the smallest and lightest CT system in its market segment at present. These features enable the user to apply the system flexibly at any location without the necessity of  ransporting the samples or components to a laboratory.

Principle of the Helical Computed TomographyP_TechGmbH-CTportable_engl

The trend-setting Helical CT is based on a helicoidal scanning curve. In case of circular scanning (standard CT) the object is only rotated around the rotation axis. On the contrary, the object is additionally shifted along the rotation axis, when realizing a helical data acquisition.

Performance features of the Helical CT

  • Prevention of Feldkamp artifacts (figure below).
  • Isotropic resolution in all layers of the entire volume.
  • Improvement of the spatial resolution along the rotation axis in the whole measured volume.
  • Significantly improved results of the 3D image evaluation due to enhanced image quality.
  • The measuring range height is only limited by the maximum traverse path.



  • Photon counting Medipix2 Quad detector.
  • High image quality, no dark noise.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Basis material analysis, Dual Energy CT.
  • Extended field of view function.
  • Helical CT for avoiding Feldkamp artifacts.
  • Isotropic resolution in all layers.
  • Highly accurate dimensional measurement.
  • Plug&Play via USB connection.
  • Large windows for demonstrations.
  • Ergonomic design, easy to handle.
  • Compact and light design for easy transport.
  • Application-adapted variants.
  • Fully shielded system.


Technical Data
X-ray source: 50 kV, 50 W max., spot < 50 μm
Detector: 1024 x 1024 pixels, 48 μm pixel size
Spatial resolution: 18 μm voxel size
Helical function: 50 mm length of stroke
Magnification: up to M = 2,7
Object size: < ø 45 mm, height < 65 mm, < 250 g
Radiation protection: < 0,3 μSv / h (corresponds to a fully shielded system)
Dimensions: 350 mm x 300 mm x 230 mm, < 20 kg


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